Marko Poskiparta

Magician? Mentalist? Who?

I am one-half of the Poskiparta magic brothers. My brother Pete and I have been dazzling audiences throughout Finland with magic since we first learned how to do card tricks. Pete is almost 20 years older than me, but we still enjoy performing together when we can.

I am a 26-year-old magician with a special skill for mentalism. In addition to magic, I also have put work towards a business degree. I graduated as a Bachelor of Business Administration in sales and marketing in the fall of 2018.  In Business, having good business sense has helped me grow my magical notoriety and makes me an excellent entertainer for corporate events.

I travel all over Finland and Europe to bring the fascination and mysticism of magic to the world. Even so, my favorite place to perform is my home region of Turku in Finland. Though I may seem young, my magic has been seen by thousands of other magicians and audiences throughout the world.

I have received several awards for my work as a magician and mentalist. I have received the Junior Medal Championship bronze medal for my 2014 performance. I have also been a finalist in the Restaurant Magic competition in 2014 and 2017. In addition to my awards, I have also been featured on Finland Got Talent during the 2016 season. You can see my magical performance here: Marco Parta Finland Got Talent 2016 performance. Unfortunately, the performance is in Finnish.

My passion is mentalism, a branch of magic that creates the illusion of reading thoughts. My tricks are sourced in my acting skills, deception, and psychology. This creates a sense of wonder and awe in my audiences as they try to figure out how I do my work.

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